Importance of Quality Welding

May 14, 2016

Having quality welds for any project that requires welding is paramount. From safety and liability reasons, to something as simple as aesthetics, there are many definitions of a quality weld. So what makes a quality weld?

Three Contributing Factors to Welding Quality

Certified Welders

It’s no secret, quality welds start with professional, certified welders. The Canadian Stands Association requires companies that wish to be certified for fusion welding of steel, comply and follow guidelines the CSA has set in place, including providing documentation as requested. The certification is known as the CSA Standard w47.1.

Certified Weld Inspectors

To ensure quality in a weld, it’s critical that a professional weld inspector is present at all times during the process, and not simply inspecting the final product. A certified weld inspector ensure that everything in the pre-weld environment is correctly calibrated and set to ensure that the welding process is able to be completed correctly, including any clamps or specific joint positions. Once everything is ready for the certified welder to begin welding, the inspector will continue to monitor the process to ensure quality and compliance of welding standards. Finally, as expected, the welding inspector will inspect all finished welds, as the inspector is accountable for the final quality of the weld. If the inspector gives the weld a passing grade, you can guarantee the welds are of high quality.

Stress Relieving

During the welding, there is one specific process that can make or break a weld, literally; it’s called stress relieving of a weld. When welding, molten metal is used to fuse two pieces of metal together. During this process the molten metal begins to cool quickly, too quickly in fact. As the weld begins to cool to room temperature, the weld shrinks and pulls the other metal pieces out of the optimal setting. To combat this type of shrinking, stress relieving of a weld is undertaken, where a weld is either treated by heated air, or electricity. A benefit of this type of stress relieving is not only a strong and precise weld, but also any discolouration or corrosion that may have occurred to the metal during the initial weld; this step is referred to a passivation.

These three elements help to produce a quality weld. If you’re unsure if your current welders are producing quality, safe, and strong welds, contact us immediately and have a certified professional assist you.

Coming in at Full Force for the New Year

January 19, 2016

Top left: Stainless 316 grade canopy for a city centre fully manufactured by VeriForm for Depco. Bottom left: Canoe made to celebrate Champlain’s landing in Ontario with the body made from Corten steel to prevent long term rusting. Canoe was designed and welded on-site by Lafontaine Ironwerks. Right: Totem poles laser cut from aluminium and rolled for an award show in western North America.

As of January 4th, 2016, VeriForm has hired a new full time machining and inspection person. The qualified person has come with an excellent history and background in both the automotive and automation sectors. This means he will be instrumental in creating proper quality and inspection reports and doing the correct level of inspection which matches our work that we now do for the nuclear, aerospace and nautical sectors. With the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) experience this new employee brings to VeriForm, we can program our drilling-tapping-machining center faster and with a focus on automotive grade quality that our customers need.

VeriForm has added in the last 4 months four experienced staff with multi-decade experience in bending, Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certified welding and plate and structural rolling. As the owner of VeriForm I want to personally thank our customers in 2015 for helping us be successful partners to your businesses. You have enabled us to create at least 6 new jobs at VeriForm in a time when the economy has contracted, while giving us the ability to grow and prosper with you.

Is CNC Machining Right for You?

January 4, 2016
CNC Machine Benefits

Really productive and time-saving chuck head showing CNC drilling of round pipe and structurals all in one setup.

Veriforms CNC machines (computer numerical control) are used for high precision level jobs or very repetitive tasks. The process is widely preferred in place of traditional manual machines.

If your machining operation is growing, or if it’s time to replace one of your traditional machines, you might be wondering if a CNC machine is the right choice for your business. In order to answer that question, you’ll want to better understand the benefits of CNC machines.

Four CNC Machine Advantages for Productivity


Traditional machines such as lathes, mills routers and grinders that are normally operated by a trained engineer could be replaced with Computer Numerical Machines that operate unmanned. This means the machines can run 24 hours a day every day of the year. CNC machines will only need to be stopped for routine maintenance, which means less downtime in your operations.

Find out about – Veriforms CNC Machine Capabilities 


CNC machines do not require skilled engineers as operators. Training for operators can be done through the use of software that allows the trainee to virtually operate the machines, learning on a computer screen. One person can oversee the running of several CNC machines at one time as the machines can typically be left to run on their own with only the need for supervision or perhaps the replacement of cutting tools.


Even with the most highly skilled of engineers, as a manned machine produces the same item again and again, it is likely that slight differences or errors will occur in production due simply to the fact that the engineer will not produce the item in exactly the same way each time. CNC machines remove this margin for error as each item is produced in exactly the same way each and every time. In addition, advanced CNC design software can allow for the manufacturing of products that could not otherwise be made by traditional machines.


With traditional machines, if you require a change in manufacturing a piece, this could mean a costly change to your machining, prototypes and trials. With CNC machines, changing the function of your machine is done by simply updating or adjusting its customized instructions. Design software has removed the need for design prototypes all together, as ideas can be simulated to save time and money. In addition, trial runs of new designs can be run without the need for actual pieces to be created. This allows for the controls, such as speed and velocity, to be considered without the risk of damage to machines, or the cost of building unusable parts.

CNC machines have allowed many machining companies to improve their operations and cut their bottom line. If you’re considering a change in your production and would like more information about CNC machines, contact us today.

Building Community Through Music Education

June 2, 2015

VeriForm – Building Community Through Music Education

Paul Rak, owner of VeriForm Inc. in Cambridge at the Entergrus Power Play symposium at the John D. Bradley Centre in Chatham, Ontario.

Paul Rak, owner of VeriForm Inc. in Cambridge at the Entergrus Power Play symposium at the John D. Bradley Centre in Chatham, Ontario.

There is always more to business than just supply and demand. At VeriForm, owner Paul Rak donated $2,500 to the Suzuki String School of Guelph to help sponsor children of families that cannot afford music education.

The generous gift was first awarded to Paul by the Chatham-Kent Sustainability Event at the John D. Bradley Centre in Chatham, Ontario. Paul was invited to the event to explain how he was able to grow the size of his fabricating plant by 145% while reducing his monthly energy costs by 58% in just under a decade. A great triumph none the less, but the main focus is Paul’s dedication, not only to his business, but to the community that he is a part of. He immediately knew that the $2,500 award could help the community as a whole.

Paul’s $2,500 donation to the Suzuki String School of Guelph will:

  • Give a child 1 full year of private and group lessons with the aim that the child continues until they graduate
  • Provide life skills to the child that helps them into adulthood to be a well-rounded and whole individual with good roots in our community
  • Provide many opportunities for the child’s family to participate in the local community through dozens of events the Suzuki String School of Guelph hosts each year
  • Specifically the program is focused at low-income neighbourhood schools and also towards new Canadians

Think about all the moments in life where you achieved an advantage, whether through a friend, family member, or even just a casual acquaintance. Someone helped to give you an opportunity that changed your life.

Continue reading about Paul’s sustainability and energy consumption initiatives.

Metal Fabrication Industry Leaders

June 2, 2015

The Metal Fabrication Industry Leaders – VeriForm

With all the quality metal fabrication machine shops out there today, it may be a daunting task for potential customers to choose a company that best suits their needs. At VeriForm, we don’t worry about the competition – our only focus is precise fabrication and efficiently delivering the highest quality products, on-time and within budget.

Why choose us?

  • Our capabilities surpass those of any other metal fabrication shop and expertise so advanced that most of our customers are competitors, even companies with similar bending and fabricating machinery. Our constant search for better ways to serve our customers has led us to acquire the best industry tools, and exceed expectations with our unmatched one to two day turnaround for tooling and prototypes.

Look no further!
VeriForm is proud to have become the leader in the metal fabrication industry. For more information as to how we can meet your goals and requirements, please feel free to contact us today!

  • The capacity of what we can output trumps any other machine shop includes an incredible list of capabilities. Our capabilities include engineering assistance, CNC high-resolution plasma cutting, CNC laser cutting, CNC shearing, CNC punching, CNC bending and forming, welding, assembly, and painting. Not to mention some of our specialty services such as rolling, beveling, drilling, BTM clinching, pemserting and tapping.
  • VeriForm is certified to the ISO 50001-2011 energy management standard which specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving its energy management system. We follow a systematic approach to achieve continual improvement of energy performance, including efficiency, security, use and consumption. The standard helps VeriForm continually improve when it comes to energy consumption.

Proud achievements

Paul Rak Awarded CEM Designation
Paul Rak, President and founder of both VeriForm and VeriGreen, was awarded the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation by the AEE. This certification is widely recognized as an extremely difficult designation to earn as there are only a few thousand Certified Energy Managers in North America.

VeriGreen ‘The Greenest Metal Fabricating Company in the Region’ By Natural Resources Canada
VeriGreen, the sister company of VeriForm, has been recognized by Natural Resources Canada as the greenest metal fabricating company in the region.

Expanding Capabilities and Partnerships
VeriForm featured in Canada’s Metalworking & Fabricating Technology Magazine, May 2015 Issue.

VeriForm/VeriGreen Recognized by the Sustainability Learning Centre
We are excited to share with you the recognition that VeriForm/VeriGreen has received from the Sustainability Learning Centre, for finding savings through energy efficiency projects.

VeriForm Inc. Receives Environmental Excellence Award
VeriGreen President Paul Rak receives the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce 2008 Environmental Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation from Chamber Chair Helen Jowett and John Grothier, President of Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro.