Front of the VeriForm Building

Now into our 26th Year of Doing Good Business – Creating More Than Just a Legacy.

VeriForm has been providing precision sheet metal fabricating services to customers across North America since 1997. Two decades of innovation, growth and steadfast business philosophies have led to this remarkable milestone, and we continue to drive our community forward through good, honest business.

Whether it’s precision plasma cutting – up to 21 feet-long bending of parts – or metal rolling – 10 wide – VeriForm can do it all, and do it well. Manufacturing under the ISO 9000-2015 quality system, VeriForm expertly performs CWB welding and rolling of sheet metal, structural pipe, and structural tube.

Operating from one facility at 26,000 sq feet. in Cambridge, Ontario, we manufacture custom parts primarily for the mining, forestry, and machine-building sectors.

Precisely. Efficiently. On-Time. On Budget.

VeriForm’s Vision for the Future

A huge thank you goes out to you, our customers and vendors, for making our story possible. You’ve made it possible for VeriForm to commit to innovation, growth, and sustainable business philosophies, which have led us to this remarkable milestone… 26 years of being in business from 1997 to 2021.

At VeriForm, our constant drive to be better, to remain relevant, and to invest in our customer’s success has been the foundation of our business. We’ve survived roadblocks and recessions, but what has kept our business alive through tough periods is our commitment to 3 core principles:

  • Community: We believe in supporting the community that drives our business. VeriForm supports the health and functional autonomy of local families and empowers local businesses to help sustain and build a stronger sense of community. Our partnership with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and many-core non-profit organizations, like the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels, keeps us linked to our neighbours. In fact, we strongly believe that a business must have a heart that goes beyond just making a profit.
  • Sustainability: At VeriForm, we take our environmental footprint seriously. VeriForm is among global leaders like Google, Nike, and HSBSC that have committed to making their entire operations carbon neutral. Becoming Canada’s 4th company to achieve ISO 50001 certification has helped us to integrate energy management into our overall efforts and make more informed decisions on how we consume and use energy. We are, in fact, the first manufacturer in the Waterloo region to deliver on this promise by cutting our annual CO2 emissions from 242 tonnes to under 61 tonnes. That is a 75% reduction, all the while expanding our business space by 146%, which makes it all the more incredible that our staff achieved this reduction. Since 2015, we have purchased carbon offsets from Canadian sources to make us carbon neutral! Currently operating on ISO 9000-2015 systems.
  • Education: We are committed to empowering our customers, employees, and local community through the power of education. We see it as a great opportunity to bring value to society and influence the future… for the better. Not only do we pay for our staff to take classes after work, but we have also supported the non-profit Suzuki String School of Guelph, through volunteering and generous financial support, since 2011, to enable children of financially strapped families to attend weekly classes.

VeriForm’s vision for the future is deeply rooted in our 3 pillars of focus. We believe that investing in our customers, employees, and local community will in time help to build a better, more successful world for future generations. The future starts now, at VeriForm.

Continuous Improvement is Not a Destination – It’s a Constant Journey and a Partnership.

From the start, we listed a handful of customer service objectives: dedication to personalized service within 24 hours of initial contact, ensuring only the highest quality output by using the ISO 9000-2015 quality system, and adherence to critical lead times of 98% or better on-time delivery. And then, we insisted that all of our people constantly strive to improve themselves because for VeriForm, continuous improvement is not a destination, it’s a constant journey. And it’s worked. VeriForm’s customers have always reported significant savings in assembly, thanks to the accuracy of VeriForm parts and components but also through the design assistance we offer during the engineering stages our customers engage us in, thereby improving the efficiency of the production stage and the final part cost. This attention to detail has carried over to every product and process at VeriForm, all of which results in relationships with our clients that are best described not as VeriForm being a vendor or supplier but as partner to our customers. And that mindset of partnerships is the foundation of our continuous improvement philosophy.