Metal Rolling

VeriForm has over 20 years experience in metal rolling and rolled metal products. VeriForm’s Italian metal rolling machines deliver precision plate metal, sheet metal, and structural rolling. A team of highly trained professional operate the machines to ensure that the results are perfect to specifications. Explore the following VeriForm Rolling Types:
Plate Metal Rolling

Plate Metal Rolling

Sheet Metal Rolling

Structural Rolling


Metal Rolling –  is a metal forming process, analogous to the rolling of dough, where metal stock is passed through rolls, to reduce its thickness uniformly.

What is Camber in Rolling? Throughout the rolling process, metals are subject to tremenduous operating conditions which can impact the metal rigidity and strength. As such preventative measures like rolling with camber amongst others are implemented. Camber is an extra thickness. Rolls are ground so the metal is thicker in the center, as a way to offset possible deflection.

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Benefits of VeriForm Metal Rolling

  • Quicker Fabrication Times
  • Very High Strength
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • 10 feet wide metal rolling capabilities

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We are the industry’s leaders in challenging rolling projects. With our years of experience, in-house experts, and high precision equipment, you can be confident that your project will be on spec, regardless of size.

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