Carbon Steel Fabrication

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VeriForm has been fabricating carbon steel for over 20 years, with no plans of stopping. Our experts can fabricate any part, big or small, simple or complex, that you will ever need. Our experience and equipment ensure that you get the best carbon steel parts possible.

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With the biggest equipment in the industry, VeriForm is able to fabricate individual components up to 20 feet, for use in larger parts or products. With our highly trained team and precision equipment, you can be confident that your carbon steel components & parts are right on spec.

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carbon steel fabrication of large panels

Benefits of Carbon Steel Parts


  • Many Levels of Carbon Steel Strength for Different Applications
  • Can be Ultra High Strength
  • High Shock & Vibration Resistance
  • Cost Effective

Engineering Assistance Services

Have a need for a part that you’re not sure how to make? Our engineering experts will assists you in getting your parts engineered with the following services:

  • CAD/CAM & Solidworks™
  • Custom Tooling Designing
  • Design/FMEA & Prototyping
  • Formed Parts Flattening

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Experience of VeriForm

With over 20 years and counting fabricating with carbon steel, you can be confident that you’ll get the highest quality parts as well as the best engineering advice. Large, small, simple, or complex, VeriForms team of experts will do it right the first time.

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