CNC Bending Machine Operators

Published Friday, January 31, 2020

The act of metal bending is a diverse and complex fabricating process. It is crucial that the machines are operated correctly, techniques are applied flawlessly, and artistic touch is incorporated. CNC bending machine operators are responsible for the three items listed above in order to navigate the complex technical machinery and successfully bend metal according to work orders and templates. The majority of CNC bending machine operators have completed training in the steel or metal industry and can effectively read engineered drawings and designs.

Some of the responsibilities of a CNC bending machine operator include: 

  • Machine setup
  • Clamping and aligning workpieces
  • Quality control
  • Conducting service and maintenance on the machines.

An endless variety of finished pieces are fabricated by metal bending including everything from handheld parts to pieces more than 20 feet in length. Both standardized and custom tools are used during the fabrication process and therefore, a CNC bending machine operator must be familiar and highly trained on both with a keen eye for detail.  

There are numerous institutions that offer metal fabricating-related training, and many have a specialized focus on CNC metal bending. Courses can be adapted and performed on your in-house machines, conferences can be attended, and many institutions offer open houses for attendees to learn about becoming a CNC bending machine operator. 

At VeriForm we offer a diverse and complex assortment of metal bending services. We have over $1 million dollars in tools and machines in order to accommodate all of our clients’ requests. We also are proud to have a team composed of highly skilled and qualified CNC bending machine operators. Our team is what makes our company great and we strongly believe that investing in their education and growth results in improved product quality and overall customer satisfaction. Whether you are a client that requires our service, or an individual looking to start or expand on a new career path, please feel encouraged to contact VeriForm today.