Custom Architectural Fabrication

Custom Architectural FabricationFrom commercial plazas to luxury homes, the popularity of custom fabricated metal artwork, canopy’s, statues, and other metal decorative elements, are growing faster than ever. Custom architectural fabrication of metal sculptures, as well as architectural designs really come to life at VeriForm as we work closely with engineering and design firms to help translate concepts into reality.

Your Custom Architectural Fabrication Experts

Here are a few aspects of architectural fabrication that our team can handle with you:

  • Complex mathematical and natural forms.
  • Structural steels rolled to both convex and concave shapes.
  • Custom shapes and contours.
  • Exotic metals and finishes like bare Muntz metal, brass and polished copper.
  • Non-­metals such as plastics, wood, and composites.
  • Special insulation for silencing.
  • A large variety of industrial coatings including Amercoat.
  • Passivating of stainless.
  • Attention to cosmetics and tight fit-up.

Learn More About the Capabilities of Our Team

Custom Architectural Fabrication - Metal Canapoy

10,000 lb. 316 stainless canopy built and welded at VeriForm summer 2015. Courtesy of Depco.

Metal Totempoles

Totem pole project for an awards ceremony in British Columbia, December 2015, for McWood Studios Inc.

Metal Fabricated Flower Statue

Markham Public Library early stages of 9 petal large flowers that rotate.

Metal Flower Sculpture with LEDs

LED lit Metal Flower Petal. Mock-­up courtesy of Depco. Testing one petal with LED lights.

Custom Fabricated Steel Canoe

Art piece 26-foot long canoe from Corten steel to prevent rusting, for Champlain fall celebration. Project completed for Lafontaine Ironworks.

Fabricated Bullet Shaped Parts

Organic bullet shaped parts fabricated from 20 gauge 304 and 316 #4 finish stainless were built using rubber and composite material dies to eliminate any bend and forming marks. This project included some 120 assemblies all designed and manufactured for a federal government display in Ottawa, Canada.

“Designed by Masaba Canada and Posted with Permission by Masaba Canada” Here is a very interesting architectural project where VeriForm was contracted to build six 8 and 10-foot cups from 5052-grade aluminum sheet metal and the work involved laser cutting, rolling and welding to create artistic renderings of mega-sized cups once painted. The cups were made in halves and then bolted together.