Metal Fabrication Tools Used By Fabricators

Published Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Back then, metal fabrication was only done by hand which as you can imagine, in this line of work comes with many risks. Not to mention, the production rate was obviously much slower. Even to this day, there are still some minor risks associated with this job.

However, as technology continues to advance, tools and equipment were created to minimize these risks and improve the efficiency of their work. Now, there are a variety of high-end metal fabrication tools available that can assist in delivering quality products at a faster rate.

Many of these tools and equipment serves multiple purposes as well. With that being said, let’s discuss some of the common metal fabrication tools used in this industry..

Metal Fabrication Tools That Are Commonly Used

As mentioned, there are many tools that fabricators rely on to complete their projects. Some tools have one function whereas others can have multiple. Let’s see what some of these tools are and how they are used.

Metal Lathe Machine

A widely used tool in both mechanical engineering and metal fabrication. Its main job consists of processing various rotary surfaces. Essentially, the machine rotates certain workpieces around a stationary cutting tool which then removes any unwanted metal.

This shapes the metal into the desired form. Besides its main function, a lathe machine can also be used to drill, sand, cut and more. Due to its versatility, many metal fabricators rely on lathes for their fundamental work.  

Drilling Machine

As you can assume based on the name — A drilling machine is a high-speed, power-operated machine tool that holds and rotates different kinds of drill bits to create holes.

It can be used to cut holes into various surfaces including metal, wood, cement and so on. A drilling machine is another multipurpose tool as it can be used to perform countersinking, boring, reaming, tapping and other capabilities.  

Press Brake Machine

A press brake machine only has one job and that is to bend sheet metal. The sheet metal is positioned at a predetermined angle on top of a die then, a punch is lowered to bend the metal.

The metal can be bent multiple times until the desired form is achieved. There are 4 different methods of force application such as hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or mechanical.

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