Yale School Of The Environment Article: Fulfilling The Energy Efficiency Promise

Published Tuesday, June 29, 2021

“Among the many measures the world can take to wean itself off fossil fuels, few match the benefits of making homes, business, and cares more energy efficient. But financial and psychological barriers have kept individuals, businesses and governments from realizing efficiency’s great potential.” – Jon Luoma

Paul Rak along with his company VeriForm Inc. was recently featured in an article written by Jon Luoma and was published at the Yale School of the Environment. This article shines a light on Paul Rak’s decision and investment towards becoming a more energy-efficient Canadian metal fabrication company. It also touches on subjects such as financial and psychological barriers that have prevented companies from fulfilling the energy efficiency promise.

Since 2006, Paul Rak was inspired to do whatever he can to cut his company’s greenhouse gas emissions. After investing $46,000 in energy efficiency, the company immediately benefited from this decision after a return on investment of $90,000 from reduced energy bills annually. That comes out to approximately 200% return on investments. Since then, VeriForm Inc. has been able to cut energy costs by 58%. They’ve also reduced its greenhouse gas emission by 233 metric tons per year. The Canadian government recognized his efforts and granted Paul Rak a $100,000 award. To learn more about how VeriForm and other companies are taking steps towards a greener future, follow the link below.

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