Welding Plasma Cutting Table: What It Can Do For You

Published Thursday, July 2, 2020

If you regularly cut aluminum, steel, iron, and similar metals, partnering with a metal fabricator that uses a welding plasma cutting table is a smart investment. By combining modern cutting and welding technology with high-quality performance, these tables can produce results that make your business even more productive and profitable.

How Does Plasma Cutting And Welding Work?

Plasma cutting is an effective method of cutting through materials of varying thickness. It was originally developed in the 1950s to process metals that could not be cut with flame. A plasma cutting system consists of a torch through which high-velocity gas and concentrated electrical currents flow. They generate intense heat, which cuts through electrically conductive materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass, while the gas eliminates molten material from the area of the cut.

While hand torches can generally cut steel sheets that are up to 38 mm thick, you’ll want to use computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutting technology to cut through denser workpieces. Since plasma cutters create a hot and localized ‘cone’ to cut, they are especially effective if you want to cut and weld sheets in angled or curved shapes.

Advantages of plasma cutting include:

  • Cuts up to 10 times faster than oxyfuel
  • Fully guarantees automation
  • Smoothly cuts through all electrically conductive materials
  • Cuts high-alloy aluminum and steel in both medium and large thicknesses
  • Cuts through higher-strength structural steel with lower heat input

Plasma welding is an advanced version of the tungsten inert gas welding process. When the gas is superheated, it becomes highly conductive and allows for the transfer of an electric arc. When a gas passes through the arc, it breaks the gas down and forms a plasma stream.

The primary advantage of plasma welding is the degree of control you receive and the higher quality of the finished result. There is better arc control, welds are generally cleaner and smoother and, in smaller heat-affected zones, the welds are stronger and less noticeable.

Benefits of Welding Plasma Cutting Tables

Welding plasma cutting tables are regularly used in manufacturing, construction, automotive restoration and repair, and salvaging applications. Their high-speed performance and precise cutting ability make them compatible with both industrial CNC applications and smaller businesses. 

Their operational advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Versatile performance: With a welding plasma cutting table, you can cut and weld diverse kinds of metal. Because it uses an electric arc, it can be used to process any conductive metal. Unlike oxyfuel, plasma can even cut through different types of material stacked on top of each other.
  • Superior cut: Plasma cutting delivers clean and quality results compared to other cutting technologies. You can also train new employees how to use it relatively quickly because it uses an automated system to ensure an accurate cut each time. The system control factor makes it easy to use premade templates for simple replication of regular cuts and patterns.
  • Rapid cutting speed: Plasma cuts thicker metals twice as fast as oxyfuel. With thinner metals, the speed difference can be up to 12 times faster. The difference in piercing speed is even more striking: for oxyfuel to piece a 15 mm sheet of metal, it has to reach a heat of around 1000C, which can take nearly half a minute. Since plasma doesn’t have to preheat in this manner, it can do the same job in under two seconds.

By investing in a welding plasma cutting table, you are adopting a system that’s safer to operate and cuts metal faster with a lot less waste. With no downtime due to worker injury and the ability to accomplish more in a small amount of time, you can realize cost savings that add up to greater business profitability.

We Are The Metal Fabrication Experts

At VeriForm, we exceed customer expectations by using CNC plasma cutting to deliver their orders on time and with the quality that they’ve come to expect from us. We can cut a broad range of metals and thicknesses, perform a smooth and accurate weld, and accommodate large or small runs. Our fabrication work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction. For more information, please contact us today!