Welding At VeriForm

Published Thursday, July 11, 2019

The precise skill and artform of fusing two pieces of metal into one, while ensuring the fuse point is able to withstand the stresses during the service life of a component or structure requires a professional and competent team of welders, inspectors and processes. 

At VeriForm, all of our welders are qualified under the Certified Welding Bureau (CWB CSA W47.1) for all our types of manufactured welding techniques including:

  • Arc Welding
  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Pulsed MIG Welding.  

Within our five welding bays, we carry equipment to ensure all of our projects and manufactured items are precise and of high quality by the use of our Demmeler Bluco fabrication tables and our Meta-Lax stress relieving systems.  The Demmeler Bluco table allows us to ensure every requirement and customer dimension is precise, while our Meta-Lax stress relieving system ensures all our thermally induced stresses are reduced or eliminated during the weld manufacturing process.  

At VeriForm we are able to weld, bend and manipulate all types of metal, including, steel, stainless steel and aluminum. All of our welds are inspected by our certified in-house inspector to ensure that each weld has the same strength as the base metal.  

Although welding steel is the most popular type of weld – we also frequently weld aluminum and stainless steel with our gas pulsed metal arc welding machine (GMAWP). The advantage of using the GMAWP process is that it uses lower heat, ensuring the weld bead on the stainless steel and aluminum has fewer defects.

Once the stainless steel welds meet our high-quality expectations and have been inspected through our in-house inspectors, we use a Surfox 304 weld cleaning machine to restore the stainless steel back to its original certified ASTM standard.  We have the engineering expertise, capability and equipment to manufacture components that are as small as your palm, or large, heavy and complex.  

At VeriForm, we have over 20 years of experience and are committed to your success.  Contact our experts for a quote and let’s discuss your next venture or project – any size big or small!