VeriForm: Proudly North American

Published Friday, August 7, 2020

At VeriForm, we take pride in our next-generation metal fabrication technology, sustainable operations, dedicated team of specialists, and our 20-plus years of exceptional results and customer service.  

However, what makes us especially proud is that we are a North American company serving the machining and metal fabrication needs of clients from coast to coast. We specialize in formed, cut, and welded parts for key national industries like machine building, mining, and forestry. Our 26,000 sq ft. facility in Cambridge, Ontario, is often in operation up to 18 hours a day, producing the parts that help our nation run.

Under the guidance of our President, Paul Rak, we have ongoing dedication and commitment to four key business principles: 

  • Product excellence
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Education

Product Excellence

VeriForm has adopted many leading-edge technologies that increase product quality while reducing production times and customer costs. One of our core assets is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, which uses pre-programmed software to ensure precision in the following processes:

CNC machining and fabrication technologies provide our customers with several advantages compared to traditional manual methods. By using higher levels of automation, productivity and cost-effectiveness are increased across the board while the likelihood of production errors or workplace accidents goes down. The ability to generate consistently accurate output lets us provide clients across North America with uniform and flawless products.


We believe in giving back to the community that makes our business possible. We have partnered with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and key nonprofits like Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank to support the health and independence of local families and work with local businesses to build a stronger sense of community. We are always ready to support new initiatives that make the Waterloo Region a happier, more productive, and safer place to call home.


VeriForm is proud to join global leaders like Nike, Google, and HSBC in managing our environmental footprint. We have committed to making our entire operation carbon neutral, as reflected by the following accomplishments:

  • Being the first Waterloo-region manufacturer to reduce our annual CO2 emissions while expanding our business space by 145% and realizing a 76% increase in operating profits. 
  • Currently operating on ISO 9000-2015 quality management systems.

Since we achieved the ISO 9000-2015 QMS standard in 2015, our facility has completed over 80 projects aimed at waste reduction and energy use. For one project, we replaced a 20hp screw air compressor with an 8hp Kaeser screw compressor and a 120-gallon storage tank. Verified energy savings are 94%, which represents a yearly reduction of close to 30,000 kilowatt-hours.


At VeriForm, we believe that education is the key to empowering our employees, customers, and the greater community. The opportunity to engage in lifelong learning makes for a stronger society that can make informed choices about its future.

To support this goal, we pay for our employees to take classes that advance their skills. For us, continuous improvement is not a destination, it’s a constant journey, and the investment has paid off. Thanks to the accuracy of the components and parts we produce, our customers have reported significant savings in assembly costs and we are proud to report an on-time delivery rate of over 91%.  

In addition to ongoing professional development for our staff, we provide volunteer services and financial support to the non-profit Suzuki String School of Guelph, so that the children of financially challenged families can attend classes there and benefit from high-quality learning experiences.

We Are Your Metal Fabrication Partner in North America

At VeriForm, we will never stop improving. It keeps us relevant and ensures that we’re always in the best position to contribute to the success of our customers and the community at large. Our drive and commitment to product excellence, community, sustainability, and education have kept us going strong during recessions as well as times of prosperity, and we’re confident that the journey ahead will be even brighter. If you’re interested in learning more about VeriForm, please contact us today.