VeriForm Graduation Certificate Acceptance Speech

Published Tuesday, May 16, 2017

VeriForm was recognized with a graduation certificate for its 10-year commitment to reducing energy consumption and becoming a Sustainable Waterloo Gold Pledging Partner. The company proudly attended the 8th Annual Evening of Recognition on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at Maxwell’s 35 University Avenue East to

Acceptance Photo of Veriform from Sustainable Waterloo as a Gold Pledge member for energy reduction Left to right: Tova Davidson (Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo), Gerry Cutting (Energy Manager at VeriForm, Emily Aria Rak (daughter of Paul Rak VeriForm’s owner), and Matthew Day (RCI Program Manager) Emily Rak received the diploma on stage that evening on behalf of VeriForm, for graduating from the 10-year commitment for sustainability. Photo Courtesy of Sustainable Waterloo

Reducing the amount of CO2 emissions via electricity and natural gas usage has always been a priority for us however since the year 2015, 100% of CO2 emissions were completely eliminated. Going from 245 tons of carbon emissions to an amazing 64 tons. On top of that, VeriForm has been growing and building by 145% since 2007.

Acceptance GraphCarbon Emissions Results Up Until 2016

See the acceptance speech below:

We are proud to say that it has been 12 years of CO2 awareness for the company and 2 years of being carbon neutral. These numbers highlight the true commitment and dedication of the VeriForm team with many more to come!