The Importance Of Using Metal Paint

Published Friday, July 30, 2021
The image features an employee spray painting a metal fabrication part with metal paint.

Painting over your metal fabrication projects can improve the results indefinitely. It’s not just meant for aesthetics or a simple colour change. In the case of metals, metal paint serves multiple purposes. If you have noticed, all if not most of the metal structures you see every day is painted over one way or another. Although it definitely makes metal fabrication projects more appealing, it’s not necessary in some cases. It all depends on the purpose of the structure and the metal used. It’s definitely something you should consult with a metal fabrication expert. Now we’ll discuss the importance of painting over metal.

The Importance of Painting Over Metal

There are many reasons why metal structures should be painted. Let’s try to talk about each one.

Protection From the Elements

When your metal projects come out of the foundry and into the wild, it is automatically subjected to Mother Nature’s harshest conditions. Depending on where the piece of metal is located, it will get subjected to heat, snow, rain and other weather conditions. These aspects can take a toll on any metal (some worse than others). Metal paint doubles up as a shield to prevent exposure to the elements. Nowadays, some paint does more than just create a layer of protection from the elements.

Metallic oxides help in turning the metal into an ice-phobic surface that prevents the formation of frost. Also, what colour gets used also plays a part in protecting the subject from elemental exposure. For example, choosing a lighter colour on your metals can help lower the temperature and prevent heat exposure. Extra-white paint is known to reflect up to 98% of the sun’s rays. This can help you save on your HVAC fees for the entirety of the location.

Reduce Corrosion

The worst-case scenario for any metal fabrication project is when the metal corrodes due to external reasons. Corrosion refers to the gradual destruction of materials from chemical or electrochemical reactions caused by certain environments. Steel, for example, can easily rust when the iron particles in the metal get exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air. Corrosion in any form always results in breakage, so you should always find a way to save your metal structures from corroding.

When metal paint is used, it forms a layer of protection that prevents corrosion. It may not be that thick, but it is a dependable layer that prevents outside chemicals from interacting with the steel. Therefore, ensuring your metal projects are more durable in the long run.

For Aesthetic Purposes

Another reason why metal gets painted is for aesthetic purposes. When a piece of metal gets painted, it adds to the structural beauty of a building and adds a bit of colour to the place. Adding metal paint to metal sculptures can also help people distinguish between certain subjects. The colour can also affect the mood of the site. That is why most modern-day buildings with exposed metal parts always consider the colour of the metal during the design phase.

Aesthetic-wise, it also plays a part in contributing to the brand of the company. Picking specific colours from a company logo, for example, will help differentiate between your business and the competition. Choosing specific colours can be a form of symbolism and representation as well.

Consult With VeriForm

Painting metal is more than just a stylistic choice. It offers protection and extends the lifespan of certain metal structures. However, it may need some expertise to pick the right kind of metal paint to use and to paint the metal correctly. It’s your best bet to discuss the details of metal painting with a professional instead of DIY-ing it.

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