The Benefits Of Laser Cutting

Published Thursday, November 4, 2021

Laser cutting is essentially a fabrication process that requires a focused and narrow laser beam to create specific cuts and etches of custom designs, and patterns. The laser includes a very high-intensity light, of a certain wavelength or colour. The high-power laser is then directed through optics such as a specialized lens or a curved mirror and computer numerical control to navigate the beam or material.  This thermal-based fabrication process is the most optimal for materials such as wood, metal, glass, and more. As we continue this discussion, we will be guiding you through the benefits of laser cutting and how this process impacts the metal fabrication industry.

Laser Cutting Versus Traditional Cutting

When it comes to laser cutting, there are always misconceptions about the process being too dangerous. However, we will elaborate more on this misconception as we continue to discuss the benefits of laser cutting. For that particular reason, machine operators have opted for other methods of cutting. Besides laser cutting, there are other traditional cutting methods such as:

Keep In Mind…

Depending on the laser cutter, you’ll want to be cautious when it comes to the materials used for your client’s project. Certain laser cutters reach higher temperatures which indefinitely means that they can burn or melt your material. High-temperature lasers should not be used on wood, plastic or metals with a low melting point like brass, aluminum or copper. With that being said, a different method of cutting is called for. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for great versatility, precision, and quality – laser cutting is what you’re looking for.  

Benefits of Laser Cutting

First, we’ll discuss the prior misconception of laser cutting being too dangerous. It’s considered too dangerous because of the powerful beam that could potentially create a fire or cause injuries. Despite the high-temperature laser, laser cutting is one of the safer cutting methods due to numerous reasons.

  1. Less residual fumes are released because they’re enclosed in a chamber, therefore being less detrimental to your health.
  2. The operators aren’t handling any cutting blades making laser cutting much safer than mechanical cutting.
  3. Automation – Laser cutting does not require human intervention due to programming, so the chance of getting injured is obsolete.

Now that we’ve discussed the safety aspect, we’ll continue with other benefits of laser cutting. Laser cutting is one of the most efficient processes. Compared to manual or mechanical methods, laser cutting doesn’t require re-tooling or halting operations to make adjustments – unless there’s something wrong. Once an adequate design is in place, it simply needs to be programmed into computer software and the machine will do the rest. Oftentimes, laser cutters only leave a minimal burr. Depending on the material, it may not even need to be removed hence, greater efficiency. Laser cutters are also known to be precise, versatile, and flexible, creating high-quality pieces in a short amount of time.  

Laser Cutting Services at VeriForm

If you’re looking for premium laser cutting services, then VeriForm is your best bet. At VeriForm, experts have been using CNC laser cutting machinery for at least 20 years. They’ve been providing high accuracy cuts on some of the largest pieces of metal in North America. Their laser cutting offers up to 3/4 inches x 80 inches x 160 inches with an accuracy of +/- 0.005 inches. Even if you don’t have the plans, measurements, specifications or prototypes you need, they have a team of experienced engineers that can assist you in creating the necessary blueprints to complete the task. Besides laser cutting, VeriForm also offers numerous metal fabrication services and capabilities including, bending, rolling, welding and more. Contact VeriForm to get an estimate for your cut today!