Reasons Why You Should Consider Powder Coating

Published Friday, July 29, 2022

Powder coating is a dry coating process that creates a high-quality finish for various metal industrial equipment and products. Applied as a dry powder through an electrostatic process and then cured with heat. It delivers a high-quality finish that can improve the look and functionality of your metal projects. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. In more depth, let’s go over what it is used for, how this process is done, and why you might want to choose powder coating over paint.

What is Powder Coating Used For?

Powder coating is primarily used to coat different metals, such as those found in household appliances, automobiles, street signs, and other particular metal parts. The result is a smooth, and appealing hard finish that is more durable than traditional paint. Metal fabricators have been using powder coating since the 1940s to make steel parts resistant to heat and cold damage as well as corrosion. Have you ever noticed a steel bench or old balustrade that still looks quite new despite years of use? It’s almost certainly been powder coated.

The Process of Powder Coating

Now the real question, how is it done? This process involves the application of electrostatically charged particles onto the workpiece surface. With most systems, a feeder unit sends the coating to an electrostatic gun, which then emits it as a diffused cloud. The particles, charged by a low-amperage power unit, seek out and adhere to the surface of the metal object. Once the coating has been applied, the workpiece is cured in a specially designed oven. The end result, a strong and durable protective layer.

Generally, powder coatings are cured at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. These parameters may very depending on the type of coating. It is important to note that thorough surface preparation is essential to successful results. This includes removing grease, dirt, and other materials to support coating adhesion. Pretreatments with chemical compounds can also enhance the coating’s durability and corrosion resistance.

The Advantages & Disadvantages

Painting is a traditional method that has several limitations, such as dripping and difficulty controlling thickness. Powder coating is a more advanced technique that delivers a higher-quality appearance while improving the durability. It’s one of the more environmentally friendly options compared to other finishes. Essentially, it’s more resistant to chipping, scratches and fading. It is also less expensive in the long run than alternatives like plating and conventional painting because it uses less equipment, takes less time to apply, and consumers fewer raw materials. However, there are some disadvantages to consider such as:

  • It tends to break down under UV ray exposure
  • It’s difficult to mend when damaged
  • There is less control in terms of speed and amount
  • Colour change difficulties
  • It requires a baking process

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