PM Trudeau's Campaign At VeriForm

Published Thursday, September 2, 2021
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits VeriForm for his campaign event on climate change in Cambridge, ON.

Last weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with the Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland and the Liberal candidate, Bryan May hosted a campaign event at VeriForm Inc. to discuss the Liberal Party’s agenda on sustainability and climate change. This is a prevalent issue as the total greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent in Canada have increased to 730 megatonnes within the year of 2019.

Their climate plan entails that oil and gas companies would be required to set a five-year plan to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions. This is an obligation that’ll eventually lead to the party’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Cars being sold in Canada would also be required to take a part in reaching this goal. The target is to cut back on 50% of emissions by 2030 and zero emissions by 2035. Upon re-election, this plan would also include funding $2 billion to ensure “green” jobs are created within the oil industry.  

To see what the Liberal Party had to say during the campaign, click here

What is Net Zero Emissions?  

The term “Net Zero Emissions” has been mentioned quite often but what does it actually imply? Net zero emissions also referred to as carbon neutrality, can be defined by an economy that no longer produces greenhouse gases. It also indicates that the economy is able to offset emissions. Offsetting emissions means that emissions are still being produced but in lower quantities. However, as long as there is a method to counteract the emissions, you’re still considered to be at net zero. Being at net zero also includes reducing greenhouse gases and ridding emissions that have already reached the atmosphere.

There are many strategies businesses can use to reach net zero. Planting more trees to filter oxygen or taking initiatives in creating a greener work environment. A greener workspace could suggest using environmentally-friendly equipment, tools and technology. Another method that would be proactive to this cause would be transitioning from the usage of non-renewable to renewable energy. Switching from fossil fuel, coal and petroleum to solar, hydro, or wind to name a few. That being said, the point of net zero is to restore the state of the world prior to climate change. It’s an essential goal that is currently in the process of being met all across the globe.  

Why VeriForm?  

Now that we understand why reaching net zero is so important, how does this tie in with VeriForm Inc.? Simply due to the fact that VeriForm is one of the examples of businesses that have reached the net zero goal. The CEO of VeriForm, Paul Rak started his sustainability journey by cutting his company’s greenhouse gas emissions back in 2006. Soon after, he invested $46,000 in energy-efficient changes all throughout his company. With this investment, Paul installed efficient lighting, heating systems and more to reduce energy usage.

Although it seems like a large amount of money to invest, VeriForm’s return on investment was $90,000 from reduced energy bills alone. Last year back in 2020, VeriForm was able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75%. They only needed to offset 25% on emissions. This was also the year he won the Net Zero Award for demonstrating his success in maintaining net zero for one or more years. Even now, Paul Rak is taking steps in continuing his work to becoming a more sustainable metal fabrication company. It goes to show that with perseverance, and time any company can become green to reach that net zero goal towards a better future.