Pivot Article By Divya Sharma

Published Wednesday, June 17, 2020

VeriForm is a metal fabricator that, for the past 23 years, has been making products for uses as diverse as rail car doors, guidance systems for coast guard ships, energy facilities and telecom towers. These metal parts can be as small as a fingernail or as long as 50 feet.

As with many other companies, the COVID crisis has been a source of stress for VeriForm, some of whose employees are older and therefore more vulnerable to the virus.

“People are worried about making sure that everything is sanitized, that procedures are in place on the shop floor… All of this adds to the stress,” Paul explains to PIVOT. “Several of our senior staff are taking a leave of absence or are working remotely, so there are security issues. If you’re working remotely how does that expose our network here? That’s a huge concern of ours.”

“The stress adds to costs, it wears people down and introduces risk to our facility and to our customers,” he elaborates.

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