Metal Cutting Tools Used in Fabrication

Published Wednesday, September 29, 2021

When you work in the fabrication industry, you’ll know that every metal fabrication company requires the use of many different metal cutting tools. These tools are used to create the desired effects in structures and designs by removing unwanted material from constructed pieces of metal. As a metal fabricator, an understanding of how these tools work and how they’re used is crucial in fabrication.

Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages so it’s important to find tools that’ll meet your requirements. There are two types when it comes to different metal cutting tools and those include single-point tools and multi-point tools. Single-point tools are used to get rid of extra material through shaping, turning and other related processes with one cutting edge. Whereas multi-point tools are used during the grinding, drilling, and milling processes and often have teeth or multiple cutting edges. We’ll continue to identify different tools from both types.

Single Point Metal Cutting Tools

To start off, a single-point metal cutting tool is used to perform several operations. They can be made with a variety of materials including high carbon steel, ceramics, and diamonds to name a few. Some advantages of single-point tools are easy design and fabrication along with a more affordable price. However, because one blade is constantly working away at the material, wear and breakage is a more frequent occurrence. To continue, let’s discuss what some of the single point cutting tools are:

Turning Tools:

Turning tools are used to cut or finish the external diameter of your structure. They can also be used to produce cylindrical workpieces. There are many different types of turning tools such as woodturning tools, hollowing tools, bowl gouges and more. Different types are used for different purposes and materials due to their strength, durability and other specifications.   

Shaping Tools:

Shaping tools do exactly what the name describes. They’re used to cut in curves, certain angles, and other kinds of shapes all thanks to a disc. The disc is responsible for the tool’s rotation which then allows the forward and backwards movement making it easier to shape your fabrication projects. It’s most commonly used on wood and metal.

Other examples of single point metal cutting tools include:

  • Planing tool
  • Slotting tool
  • Boring tool
  • Fly cutter tool

Multi-Point Metal Cutting Tools

A multi-point metal cutting tool contains multiple cutting edges that work together during a single operation. The number of edges can range from three to hundreds depending on the tool and what it’s used for. They’re known for their efficiency when it comes to removing excess material as multiple cuts are made simultaneously. The tools are known to run longer and be more wear-resistant as the heat generated gets distributed across each blade. Here is some more information about the different kinds of multi-point cutting tools.

Milling Cutters:

Milling cutter tools are ultimately used in milling machines to perform milling operations. It consists of multiple grooves that act as blades that rotate to scrape off material or reshapes a workpiece. They’re often made from hard, strong materials that can withstand significant amounts of stress without breakage.

Reamer Tool:

A reamer is a kind of rotary metal cutting tool that is designed to enlarge or widen the size of pre-existing holes with high degrees of precision that leave smooth finishes. Reamers are provided with long flutes or grooves that can be straight or spiral. The flutes also allow chips, cooling and lubricating fluid to pass through to reach the cutting edges. This helps with the cooling process making your tool last longer and decreases breakage.

Other kinds of multi-point tools are:

  • Grinding wheel
  • Drills
  • Broaches
  • Hobs
  • Knurling tools

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