Metal Bending Cost Reduction Tips

Published Monday, October 31, 2016

Metal Bending Process

Bending is the process of deforming sheet metal into an angle. Sheet metal is forced by a press brake between an upper and lower tool. The punch being the upper component and the die being the lower tool. The press brake is what manipulates the punch and die to apple a press force.

This is a great method of creating 3D shapes from 2D sheets.

Cost Reduction Tips

  • Avoid
    • Odd angles
    • Complex bend combinations
    • Adding more bends than necessary
    • Using slots for a time, and bend the metal later on manually. This will help to lower shipping costs as well as takes up less storage room.
  • Design with packing in mind
  • Include straight edges that will run parallel to a bend

Metal Bending Services and Capabilities

VeriForms addition of a 20-foot CNC offers incredible handling for all types of complex bending projects. This CNC also features multiple workstations that ensure high uptimes and seamless productivity. Other functionalities include:

VeriForm Advantage

All In-House: All metal bending projects, regardless of shape and form, are completed under one roof thanks to extensive in-house capabilities.

Superior Technical precision: Accuracy and customer specifications are paramount.

Flexibility and Efficiency: All in all creative manufacturing and design solutions are achieved in part with the best fabrication and machining resources as well as service.

Superior Customer Service: Personalized service within 24 hours of contact

Quality Management Systems Certifications: For metal butting, bending, drilling, welding, stamping, using a pemserter, marking, shearing and other fabricating processes.

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