Increasing Productivity With Laser Cutter Machines

Published Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Now, in 2017 modern laser cutters have more innovative features, faster controls and powerful beams. Many industries are opting to outsource cutting for laser cutting services to other conventional alternatives.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutters work like printers, etching materials, using computer-directed high-powered laser beams at precise focal lengths. The lasers will melt the metal while an assisting gas blasts the molten metal out of the cut.

Laser Cutter Features & Advantages

Recommended for projects involving intricate detailing and precise dimensions.

Programs are automated to change parts not to mention require relatively inexpensive replacement parts contributing to shorter sets, and longer machine uptimes. Productivity is further improved with the following features:

  • Precise High-Quality Cutting
    • Most can achieve a precision of +/- 0.005 inches or +/- 0.13 millimetres and controlled by computer programs
  • Edge Quality
    • Metal is cleanly cut without deformation or blurs
    • Cuts exceptionally fine contours and virtually radius-free inner edges
  • Complex Shapes
    • More human input can be dedicated to design rather than production
  • Cuts Smaller Diameter Holes
    • With complex detail and good edge quality
  • No Contact Cutting
    • Eliminates tool wear problem
    • Low noise, vibration and pollution
  • Less Maintenance¬†
  • Automation
    • Leading to time savings and allowing for smaller production runs to more competitive job costing

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