Getting Into The Industry - Metal Fabrication

Published Thursday, March 25, 2021

Becoming a metal fabricator can be a great career that can offer growth and advancement opportunities as technology continues to evolve. Your job will be challenging and technical, but rewarding. It requires precision, dedication and industry-related skills. Depending on the project you are working on and your level of experience, you may even be able to have some creative freedom on certain projects. In terms of salary, $46,800 is the common average salary for the industry in Canada. Entry-level metal fabricators may receive around $32,000 a year.

There is always going to be demand for metal fabricators due to the skilled nature of the trade. Accurate metal fabricating is important to a wide range of industries and trades such as construction, plumbing, and engineering.

Canada’s Metal Fabrication Industry

With regular demand for metal fabrication services, the industry is doing well in Canada. The main center of the industry in Ontario employs approximately 43% of Canada’s metal fabricators. Several industry leaders such as VeriForm are based in the Ontario area.

As the industry continues to evolve, there will always be an increasing demand for accurate metal fabricating and skilled fabricators who can adapt to new technologies and practices. Keeping ahead of the curve will allow you to take advantage of great opportunities as a metal fabricator.

How Do I Become A Metal Fabricator?

In terms of becoming a metal fabricator, there are a few qualifications and experiences you will need. The most basic requirement is graduating from secondary school, where you may be able to complete a series of related courses. Subjects such as maths and physics will be beneficial. It’s then highly likely that you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship at a relevant college.

Most regions will provide a few options for an apprenticeship, so it’s best to do some research. In Ontario for example, you’ll need to become a member of the College of Trades and complete their metal fabrication apprenticeship. The course is approximately four years to ensure someone has a thorough understanding of metal fabrication, including hundreds of hours of work experience and on-the-job learning.

Once you have completed an apprenticeship, you’ll receive a college certificate or diploma. You can then use this to apply for registration and certification as a tradesman. This will likely come in the form of Canada’s Red Seal program, obtained through the Industry Training Authority. This will grant you “journeyman” status and allow you to work anywhere in Canada. Certification isn’t strictly necessary in many regions, but it will help unlock more opportunities for you. Check your local regulatory authority to see what kinds of qualifications and certifications they require.

Making sure that you have experience with industry tools such as CNC machines and the accompanying software can help advance your career. Consider taking additional courses and qualifications in areas such as Computer Assisted Design (CAD), technical drawing, and welding.

About The VeriForm Team

VeriForm is one of Canada’s most established and experienced metal fabrication companies based in Cambridge, Ontario. For 23 years they have been committed to providing exceptional service to clients across North America. VeriForm subscribes to ISO 9000-2015 quality standards to ensure their staff delivers accurate metal fabricating at all times.

VeriForm is committed to three central values; community, education, and sustainability. They offer services such as bending, rolling, and CWB welding with both sheet and structural metal components. They are adept at using CNC machines to deliver high-quality results to their customers. 

The company plays an active role in the local Cambridge community. VeriForm has partnered with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and other local non-profit organizations to help give back to the community. With a strong commitment to the further education of their staff, VeriForm finances additional courses and training for their employees. Working for VeriForm is a great way to further increase your experience and skills in the metal fabrication industry.

They are also committed to improving the sustainability of the business. They are aiming to become carbon neutral and have reduced their carbon emissions by 75% over the last few years. Their accreditation in sustainable quality standards allows them to be more responsible when consuming energy.

Whether you’re a journeyman fabricator looking for a fantastic opportunity to advance your career or a prospective client who requires a custom metal fabrication project, contact VeriForm for more information about their process, service and industry.