Is CNC Machining Right For You?

Published Monday, January 4, 2016
CNC Machine Benefits

Really productive and time-saving chuck head showing CNC drilling of round pipe and structurals all in one setup.

VeriForm’s CNC machines (computer numerical control) are used for high precision level jobs or very repetitive tasks. The process is widely preferred in place of traditional manual machines.

If your machining operation is growing, or if it’s time to replace one of your traditional machines, you might be wondering if a CNC machine is a right choice for your business. In order to answer that question, you’ll want to better understand the benefits of CNC machines.

Four CNC Machine Advantages for Productivity


Traditional machines such as lathes, mills routers and grinders that are normally operated by a trained engineer could be replaced with Computer Numerical Machines that operate unmanned. This means the machines can run 24 hours a day every day of the year. CNC machines will only need to be stopped for routine maintenance, which means less downtime in your operations.

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CNC machines do not require skilled engineers as operators. Training for operators can be done through the use of software that allows the trainee to virtually operate the machines, learning on a computer screen. One person can oversee the running of several CNC machines at one time as the machines can typically be left to run on their own with only the need for supervision or perhaps the replacement of cutting tools.


Even with the most highly skilled of engineers, as a manned machine produces the same item, again and again, it is likely that slight differences or errors will occur in production due simply to the fact that the engineer will not produce the item in exactly the same way each time. CNC machines remove this margin for error as each item is produced in exactly the same way each and every time. In addition, advanced CNC design software can allow for the manufacturing of products that could not otherwise be made by traditional machines.


With traditional machines, if you require a change in manufacturing a piece, this could mean a costly change to your machining, prototypes and trials. With CNC machines, changing the function of your machine is done by simply updating or adjusting its customized instructions. Design software has removed the need for design prototypes altogether, as ideas can be simulated to save time and money. In addition, trial runs of new designs can be run without the need for actual pieces to be created. This allows for the controls, such as speed and velocity, to be considered without the risk of damage to machines, or the cost of building unusable parts.

CNC machines have allowed many machining companies to improve their operations and cut their bottom line. If you’re considering a change in your production and would like more information about CNC machines, contact us today.