CNC Laser Cutting Machines And Sheet Metal

Published Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Brief Introduction 

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the development of parts from sheet metal. A large number of industries around the globe rely heavily on sheet metal fabrication. Railroad, aerospace, automobile, oil and gas, electronics, military, and HVAC are some of the leading industries that use CNC sheet metal fabrication to produce a variety of different products; for example, roofing, electronics closure, drainage equipment, pipes, tanks, and ventilation systems. 

The production of custom parts using CNC laser cutting machine sheet metal has given birth to remarkable opportunities for manufacturers. At VeriForm, we are unlocking new possibilities through state-of-the-art machining capabilities and craftsmanship. 

New technologies are continuously reshaping the way metal fabrication companies develop unique parts and meet the growing demand for high-quality products. With time, the sheet metal fabrication process has been developed into a form of art that requires sophisticated machines and skills. For example, precision sheet metal fabrication has become a common manufacturing process. 

The Popularity of CNC Laser Cutting Machines for Sheet Metal 

CNC metal cutting technology enables manufacturing processes in which pre-programmed software is used to automate and control the movement of various metal fabrication equipment. CNC capabilities can be used to automate a variety of complex manufacturing devices ranging from cutting and drilling to bending and rolling. Sheet metal fabrication is one of the many applications of CNC systems. 

The growing need for accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness has led manufacturers to employ CNC machines to deliver a high degree of precision as compared to old-fashioned cutting machines. 

Materials used in sheet metal fabrication vary in terms of hardness, strength, resistance to corrosion, and conductivity. However, CNC laser cutting machines are ideal for sheet metal fabrication. 

How Sheet Metal Cutting Works 

CNC laser cutting utilizes a high-powered laser to cut through sheet metal. A combination of lenses and mirrors directs a high-energy beam of light onto the surface of the sheet. The power of the beam melts and vaporizes the metal. CO2 is a common laser used to cut sheet metal. The diameter of the beam at the cutting surface is usually around 0.008 inches. While the table moves, the cutting head remains stationary. Besides, pressurized gas blows away the molten metal. 

Laser cutting machines can be used to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals. However, materials with low conductivity and reflectivity (carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel) allow the laser beam to deliver better results. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Ontario

VeriForm is one of the innovative metal fabrication companies in Canada where they take full advantage of CNC laser cutting to meet the growing needs of their customers.  Since the sheet metal fabrication processes demand high precision from skilled fabricators, VeriForm hires highly experienced and skilled operators to ensure consistent quality. A mix of skilled labour and advanced CNC machines enable VeriForm to ensure accelerated and cost-effective production processes. 

When it comes to precision and energy conversion, the CNC laser machine has the advantage over plasma cutting systems when cutting sheet metal. However, most laser cutting machines can’t cut through the greater metal thickness. This is where you can consider employing plasma cutting machines. The latest laser machines operating at higher power are competing with plasma systems in their ability to cut thick materials. 

Categories of Sheet Metal Fabrication

CNC laser cutting machine sheet metal falls into 3 major categories: industrial, structural, and commercial. While sheet metal fabrication helps businesses create common consumer products such as electronics, appliances, and cars, industries use the process to create parts in the production of equipment that is used to manufacture consumer products. Manufacturers are leading buyers of products produced through CNC machining

Fabrication shops often use large-scale CNC sheet metal fabrication to create components for many industries: construction, manufacturing, roofing, and more. With so many industries relying on sheet metal fabrication, it’s easy to comprehend the large consumer base for sheet metal products. 


At VeriForm, we have a smart team of sheet metal fabricators that leverage CNC capabilities to meet your manufacturing needs–whatever they may be. With our broad range of CNC machining and metal fabrication services, our experts are happy to take on complex projects and are committed to your success.  

If you want to get it right the first time with great accuracy and speed, make sure to talk to VeriForm’s experts