Amazing CNC Machining Progress

Published Monday, May 4, 2020

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have come a long way since their first appearance during the 1940s and 1950s. These early versions used punched or perforated paper tape technology to store data, and eventually transitioned to the first analog and then digital computer processing. 

Today, CNC is one of two leading methods (the other being 3D printing) to create prototypes from a digital file. It uses computers to automate machine tools like mills, grinders, and lathes by carrying out pre-programmed command sequences. The output is so precisely shaped and efficiently delivered that CNC machining is now a core process in manufacturing, defence, aerospace, and similar domains.

The Advantages of CNC Machining in Your Workspace

To illustrate how amazing CNC machining is, have a look at the advantages and benefits it can deliver to production-based workplaces.

  • No prototypes needed. The software that drives CNC machining is so advanced that expensive prototypes are not necessary. Using the software, you can finalize your concepts before cutting begins.
  • Automatic quality output.  CNC machines are designed and programmed to deliver quality output, as they mostly eliminate the risk of human error. Conventional machining, on the other hand, can take years of training to achieve similar precision in results.
  • Easy product replication. If you repeatedly produce the same piece, CNC machines enable your production line to replicate it over and over without reducing quality. While conventional machining works for custom pieces, CNC makes more sense for items that are in demand.
  • Less labour-intensive. Unlike conventional machinery, which requires expertise and multiple personnel to use, CNC machining represents a substantial reduction in your labour costs because the process is automated.
  • Boost production. CNC machining boosts production because it efficiently builds products that conventional machinery cannot master so easily. In addition, the software is easy to update: a simple download can increase machine functionality.

There are few limitations associated with today’s amazing CNC machining technology, which is one of the many reasons why it is becoming a mainstream feature in a growing range of industries. It amplifies the speed at which your facility can manufacture products, and improves the precision and efficiency of many production processes.

At VeriForm, our 20-foot long CNC machining centre supports multiple workstations, ensuring reliable uptime and high productivity. Supported machining operations include plasma cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, and other processes that go into forming essential parts and components. To learn more about how our CNC machining services can make a huge difference in the quality and volume of product output, contact us today!