Aluminum Extrusion Alloy - Which One to Use for Your Project

Published Tuesday, December 12, 2023

“Aluminum extrusion alloys are more than just a technical term; they’re the backbone of modern manufacturing.” This opening line sets the stage for our exploration into the world of these alloys, used extensively in everything from automobile frames to smartphone bodies.

Extrudability of Wrought Aluminum Alloys

Understanding Extrudability

Extrudability refers to how well an aluminum alloy can be pushed through a die to create intricate shapes. Think of it as the alloy’s ability to ‘play nice’ during the extrusion process.

Factors Affecting Extrudability

Several factors influence this property, such as the alloy’s composition and temperature during extrusion. The right balance ensures smoother manufacturing and better end products.

Wrought Aluminum Alloys for Extrusion

Common Wrought Alloys

We encounter wrought aluminum alloys daily without realizing it. These alloys, known for their ductility and strength, are perfect for extrusion.

Advantages in Extrusion

Why choose wrought alloys for extrusion? They offer a unique combination of lightness and strength, making them ideal for a range of applications.

Main Properties for Different Aluminum Alloy Series

Series 1xxx to 7xxx

Each series, from 1xxx to 7xxx, has distinct characteristics. For instance, 1xxx series alloys are known for their purity and electrical conductivity, while 7xxx series alloys boast exceptional strength.

Tailoring to Needs

Depending on the requirement – be it flexibility, strength, or corrosion resistance – there’s an aluminum alloy series to fit the bill.

The Best Aluminum Extrusion Alloys

Top Picks

When it comes to the best alloys for extrusion, some stand out. Alloys like 6061 and 6063 are often hailed as the go-to options for their balance of strength and formability.

Industry Favorites

These alloys are not just popular choices; they are industry staples in automotive and construction sectors for their reliability and versatility.

Which Aluminum Extrusion Alloy Should You Choose?

Assessing Your Needs

Choosing the right alloy depends on your project’s specific needs. Factors like strength, weight, and corrosion resistance play crucial roles.

Making an Informed Decision

It’s about matching the alloy’s properties to the intended application, ensuring efficiency and longevity in the final product.


In summing up, aluminum extrusion alloys are a fascinating subject, blending science and practicality. Whether it’s in the sleek design of a gadget or the robust frame of a building, these alloys play a critical role. Understanding their properties and applications not only aids in making better manufacturing choices but also deepens our appreciation for the everyday objects around us.