Front of the VeriForm BuildingWhether it’s precision plasma cutting, up to 21 foot-long bending of parts or 10 wide plate rolling – VeriForm can do it all. Manufacturing under the ISO 9000-2008 quality system, VeriForm expertly performs CWB welding, rolling of sheetmetal and structural pipe or tube.

Precisely. Efficiently. On time. On budget.

In fact, we’ve been providing precision sheet metal and plate fabricating services to customers across North America since 1996. Operating from one facility at 26,000 sq ft. in Cambridge, Ontario, we manufacture custom parts primarily for the mining, forestry and machine building sectors.

From the start, we listed a handful of customer service objectives: dedication to personalized service within 24 hours of initial contact, ensuring only the highest quality output by using the ISO 9000-2008 quality system and adherence to critical lead times of 98% or better on time delivery. And then we insisted that all of our people strive to constantly improve themselves, because for VeriForm, continuous improvement is not a destination, it’s a constant journey.

And it’s worked. VeriForm’s customers have always reported significant savings in assembly, thanks to the accuracy of VeriForm parts and components. That attention to detail has carried over to every product and process at VeriForm, all of which results in a documented, on-time delivery rate of more than 91 per cent.

Innovation is part of our DNA

Our constant search for better ways to serve our customers has led us to some extreme equipment and much broader capabilities. Take our oversize bending and rolling capacity and our unmatched half-day turnaround for tooling and prototypes, for example.

And there’s more. As demand for plate cutting services grew, we searched for a better system to capture and control the dangerous smoke and dust created by the cutting process. The resulting VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft Cutting Table proved so successful that we now sell it across Canada and the United States through our sister company, VeriCUT Downdraft Cutting Tables Inc.

We Are An ISO 50001:2011 Certified Company

Our company is certified to the ISO 50001-2011 energy management standard which specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining – and constantly improving – its energy management system. This international certification enables firms to follow a systematic approach to achieve continual improvement of energy performance, including efficiency, security, use and consumption. The standard helps VeriForm continually improve when it comes to the energy we use in our processes.

The result: dramatically lower costs for our customers and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In fact our carbon footprint as of early 2015 was reduced by more than 70% compared to 2006 when we started our sustainability efforts.

As part of VeriForm’s continuous improvement process, we’ve identified and implemented processes resulting in significant energy consumption savings. The 58 per cent savings in electricity consumption and a whopping 93 per cent in gas consumption were just too good not to share.

So out of that was born a cutting edge energy management company that employs real-world, practical solutions developed through our own experience. Visit our sister company, VeriGreen Inc., to learn how we have delivered similar savings to customers across the country.

That said, our main focus remains on parts fabrication for VeriForm customers from our centrally located plant in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. That focus is a simple one: delivering cost-effective solutions every day that perform beyond expectations.


VeriForm Inc. is committed to developing and implementing accessibilities policies, practices and procedures for the disabled.

As such all information and communication to our customers, suppliers and staff will support persons with disabilities. Also, our hiring practices will accommodate disabilities during the selection process.

Documents required under the Customer Service Standard are available upon request and are made available in accessible formats.