VeriForm Awarded For ISO 50001 Certification

Published Monday, January 19, 2015

Veriform Awarded for ISO 50001 CertificationThe Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) from the Federal-level Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) awarded VeriForm with a plaque congratulating our staff for the work of making VeriForm Inc. ISO 50001 certified. Our achievement means we have implemented a full-scale Energy Management System to help us drive our energy usage lower and therefore becoming more competitive in international markets. Whether we are bending 16, 17, 18, 19 or even 20-foot long steel parts or rolling large up to 10 foot wide tanks we always do the work with a strong focus on doing it with less electricity. Even machining and drilling 20 foot long parts for the mining sector which uses a high torque motor that could use high levels of electricity, our VeriForm team is actively thinking is there another way of doing this work while using less power? For example, we have made our laser cutting and Hypertherm HyDefinition plasma cutting processes more energy efficient by using internally developed cut sequencing that reduces power usage. Specifically, we focus on wasted energy caused by the gantry moving needlessly and our team has developed better-cut paths that perform the same cutting of metal with 15-20% less electricity.

Since 2006 VeriForm has pushed energy use down to the point that we produce more than double the amount of product per kilowatt of power than we did prior to 2006. Imagine if every company in the world could cut their usage of electricity in half without reducing sales or production. And imagine how much that would benefit both the environment and financial results. Metal fabricating and welding can really be a much more efficient and profitable business if we consider energy use instead of assuming that we have no control over how much power is used.