Metal Bending - Up to 20 to 21 Foot Wide Brake Forming

Metal bending is the process of deforming sheet metal into an angle. Sheet metal is forced by a press brake between an upper and lower tool. The punch being the upper component and die being the lower tool. The press brake is what manipulates the punch and die to apply a bending force which is what bends the part.

This is a great method of creating 3D shapes from 2D sheets!

Metal bending with 20 foot wide CNC machine

VeriForm employee bends a part with over 30 bends in it.

New 250 ton x 120 inch long CNC 5-axis press brake

Below are just a few samples of the incredible diversity and complexity of bending we offer. From parts that are so small that they fit in your hand to parts that are 20-feet long and have extremely high tonnage.



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When you partner with VeriForm, your business enjoys some key advantages:

  • Up to 20-foot-long bending and brake forming capability
  • 5 CNC brake presses
  • 90-degree punches and dies
  • Cone and tapered parts forming
  • Box forming die set
  • Goose neck punches
  • Hemming and offset bending
  • Radius and rib forming dies
  • Urethane and U-shape special tooling
  • Over $1 million in tooling for forming nearly anything you can design!

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Complex Metal Bending FabricationVeriForm has over 20 years experience in complex metal bending fabrication. VeriForm’s 20 foot CNC machine delivers precision plate structural and round metals. A team of highly trained professional operate the machines to ensure that the results are perfect to specifications.

Modern metal fabricators like VeriForm combine know-how, the best of equipment and a highly skilled team to produce quality products for its customers. As in all complex processes, the latter element – our skilled team, based in Cambridge, Ontario – is where we apply both technique and art to the equation.